Sunday, June 15, 2014

Well what have you been up to?

You're curious, I know. I mean really life is not that interesting but here's a run down of what's going on.

I'm going to UtopYA! I know right now you're thinking, but you said... and I know, I said I couldn't go. I said I would be visiting my West Coast readers. Well plans fell through but in the best of ways. (Did you not know I said that? Then you need to go LIKE me on facebook.)

I'll be speaking on a panel about Street Teams, AND if you are an author friend of mine, to kick it off I'm doing a video chat about branding. GO HERE- don't make me feel lonely. Readers, I'll chat about books too!

Hey are you going to UtopYA Con? Do you want to meet me? Leave me a comment below and we'll hook up! I'll also have the Cryptid Tales Omnibus for sale. So come get it signed by yours truly.

Second, and SO EXCITING is that Reveal is going to be in the Love After Dark bundle. But here's the even more exciting part- there's changes. Big ones! And it's newly re-edited. So that's cool. Plus there will be 8 other novels in the set. How much will this cost you ask, ONLY .99 CENTS! Crazy right? Get on it as soon as it's released June 26th!

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