Friday, June 28, 2013

UtopYA .99 Sale!

Look at this awesome sale I'm part of to celebrate going to UtopYA!
Remember I'll be sitting on two super cool panels. If you're there, come check it out!

To celebrate you can get ANY of these awesome books for only 99 PENNIES!!
Elizabeth Kirke - Snow Bound
Jamie Magee- See
Bethany Lopez - Nissa
Rebecca Ethington - Kiss of Fire
Michele G Miller - Never Let You Fall
Heather Sutherlin - Seen, A Light in the Darkness
Amy Miles - Forbidden
Brina Courtney - Their Promise
Ashley Lavering - Star Cursed
Morgan Wylie - Silent Orchids
Adam Kunz - One Tiny Secret
Mercy Amare- You Got Me, Jaded & Don't Tell
Amy Evans - Clicks
Cameo Renae - In My Dreams
CL Foster - Bluffing the Devil
Tammy Blackwell - Destiny Binds
Laura Howard - The Forgotten Ones
Sarah Dosher - Haven From The Storm
Inger Iversen - Few Are Angels
Danielle Bannister - Pulled
Elizabeth Sharp - Natural Selection
Felicia Tatum - The White Aura
Misty Provencher - Cornerstone


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