Friday, June 22, 2012

Attention Bloggers!

I know this is short notice, and it's also not how I usually do things but I'm short on time and I need a big effort.
UtopYAcon is only a couple weeks away and we need to help promote this super sweet event.
Here's the scoop, it's the first con of it's kind to focus solely on female YA paranormal authors. Pretty sweet huh? So if you're a fan, come check it out and meet some of the people who write your dreams (and maybe your nightmares) OR if you're an aspiring/new/old/traditional/indie author who wants to come network/learn/chat with other authors, here is your chance!
The event is July 6-8 in Nashville, TN and you can buy tickets here

Now onto my bloggers, my wonderfully adorable, helpful bloggers... I am working on an awesome post to guest post on your site about the event. It will have links, and quotes from authors and readers alike. It will have pictures and be super cool. Would you like it on your site? Say yes, you know you want to. Especially (because here's the best part) I know how busy and organized you all are, so I send the post and you can post it anytime over the course of a whole week! You find some time between June 25 and July 2 to post it, and we will all love you for it. OK?

Now go! Sign up! 
And I'll be in touch soon. 
Note: This list will only be open for the next 48 hours. Then it will of course, self destruct. 
Update: You guys are awesome!! I'm going to try to get some giveaway prizes or something because this is amazeballs. I'll have more info soon! 
*We have loads of ebooks for you guys to give away on your blogs, so if you choose there will be a rafflecopter embed at the end of the post for you to use.*
Update 2: On Sunday: The linky is now closed, if you would still like the post please e-mail directly, over at my contact me button. Thanks so much to everyone who signed up!!

P.S. There will be a little incentive for those who sign up, do the post, and want to attend the event. But shhh... it's a surprise!


Jessa Russo (Stadtler) said...

Wish I was close to Nashville!

Brina Courtney said...

It's going to be a great event, thanks for helping us spread the word!

jbournesblog said...

Wish I lived near Nashville. Would LOVE to promote the YA paranormal writers on my blog. Will do anything I can to promote ;-)

The Shadow Realm said...

I would love to go! Wish I lived in America :(


lisa said...

It sounds fab wish I lived in America. I am more than happy to help spread the word and promote UtopYAcon

SJune said...

While I can't make the event I'll help promote it anyway I can!!


YA Book Addict said...

While I can't make the event because I live in Australia, I have signed up to help promote!!

VanillaOrchids said...

I'm unable to attend, but I'm happy to help spread the word.


LM Preston said...

I'm happy to spread the word!

Amy said...

Sounds like an awesome event. I can't be there, but I am more than happy to post about it for you. :)

Christin said...

So excited about this event!! Yay fun!!

Brina Courtney said...

Wow, guys, seriously. What a fabulous and overwhelming response. Post will be sent out tomorrow!

Lynn(e) Schmidt said...

I won't be able to go but I can help you spread the word :)

Grace Fonseca said...

New follower. What a beautiful blog. Come visit me as well.


Heather Robbins said...

Dude!!! Sign me up! I am going :) Will be there all weekend whooot but I wanna participate here too!


Bethany Lopez said...

I tried to hit contact me, but it said the link was no longer available. If you still need someone to post, I would love to help.
Bethany Lopez

Brina Courtney said...

Hey Bethany, I apologize it wasn't working thank you so much for telling me!! I will e-mail you in the AM.

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