Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quickie Review: Beautiful Deamons by Sarra Cannon

So I just finished rereading book one in the series and I have to say, very hooked. I'm impressed with the pacing of the story and the character development. Cannon really grasps the hurt children feel in the foster system, the feeling of not belonging to anyone, anywhere. But has Harper finally found somewhere to call home? Is Shadowford everything she thought it was?  And is getting locked in her room on a nightly basis for her protection, or for others? I never saw the killer coming, and I definitely suggest this one for a quick afternoon read!


kimba88 said...

I am not familiar with this series..heading to Goodreads to investigate..LOL

Brina Courtney said...

First one is free right now on Amazon, good way to see what you think!

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