Monday, May 21, 2012

From pageant girl to writer, still keeping the weight off

Remember a few months ago when I posted the warnings of getting chubby as a writer? Yeah I did that, and then I ate myself into oblivion. Now I have to get ready for two fabulous weddings this summer. So over the next month I will be blogging about my new walking workout regime, because as a writer, and soon to be unemployed teacher (post up about that soon) I don't have the money to go to the gym.
Hopefully you will find these posts helpful, inspiring, or funny. I don't really care which, but all three would be pretty neat.

First this:

And this:

My pinterest board, with yummy unhealthy goal snacks, as well as good for you foods, and my workout routine. Maybe one day there will be pictures of me up there. No promises. Most likely it will be pictures of Mia.

Now today I begin with walking with my dog Mia, (not Riley he's far too lazy) a half hour each day. We start just by doing the loop around our house for this whole week, nothing exciting.
Next week we work hills. Start a half hour.
Week three we walk forty five minutes per day. I'll either need a partner or my mp3 player at this point because I'll be super bored.
Week four I'll be walking twice per day, half hour each, with hills.

In four weeks I would like to lose ten pounds. Right now my physical activity consists of shoving cookies in my mouth and walking Mia for ten minutes twice a week. I think this is a doable goal.

Lesson 1: Have an attainable goal. Do not say, "Let's lose fifty pounds this month." It ain't gonna happen. Set yourself up to win! It will help you maintain and set new goals.

Pageant eating tip this week: Tuna is good for you, want mayo? Get the Olive Oil kind, and use just one tablespoonful, eat it with crackers or lettuce instead of bread.

Good luck!


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