Sunday, April 15, 2012

Capture and Reveal Update!

I hope everyone is well today and enjoyed some of the beautiful weather if you're up here in the East.
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for those of you who are waiting for a signed paperback of Reveal, you can order one now!

First, I promised another excerpt of Capture, so here is that:

When your life flashes before your eyes you’re not supposed to think “A baby was just born,” but that’s exactly what comes to me looking into her eyes.  I feel like at least if I’m about to die, someone else was just given life.  And maybe it has something to do with the amount of people on the planet, because I think eventually we’re going to max out on space. 
So lying here I say, at least I’m dying so someone else can live.
I close my eyes and wait for the final blow.

Secondly I would like to thank each of you for tweeting, downloading or purchasing a book over the past few days. I've had a fantastic past few days of sales, a start for Capture that I never expected!
Over 8000 people have now downloaded Reveal, and I've seen a lot of sales as well.  Capture is doing great and I can only hope it will continue while you all wait for Elevate to come out this fall.

And if you liked the books please write up a review! I read them all, and it really makes me feel closer to my readers! Also you can always email me! I respond to each one!

For those of you who have been very patiently waiting for Reveal and Capture to be available in ebook format on Nook your time has arrived!! I pressed publish this evening so they should be available sometime tomorrow or the next day! I can't wait for you all to read them!

Lastly I am hosting a blog hop to celebrate Capture's release on May 1st, 2012. You can host me for an interview, post a review, ask me to do a guest post, critique my covers, pretty much anything that deals with Capture! Prizes TBA, but will include tons of Reveal and Capture swag such as a signed paperback and a gift card!
Sign up below: Authors and Bloggers encouraged!!

Have a fabulous week my little cryptids!


valerie said...

I'm 24 and downloaded reval by mistake actually so i read it just to see what it was about and instantly fell in love I bought capture 2 days ago and was done with it yesterday i was in love i couldnt put it down those are my favorite types of books cant wait till the fall for the next book

Brina Courtney said...

What a fabulous accident! So glad you're enjoying them. When I read comments like yours I am so glad this is what I decided to do.

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