Friday, March 16, 2012

St Patricks Day Blog Hop

This blog hop is hosted by Carrie Ann Ryan

So we're supposed to write about St. Pat's day, and although I have zero good drinking stories, I have a GREAT teaching story from yesterday. My friend Steph and I decided to play a little trick on my first graders and wreck my room as a mischievous little leprechaun might have. Then she had the brilliant idea of making leprechaun footprints leading to my sink and dropping some paint in to say to the kids that he must have jumped down.  Do you know that not only did they believe it and love it, but then they started "seeing" him too. Finally one of my kids said he was in his backpack and he was taking him home to show his mom.  I laughed so hard!
But karma will come to get ya. I forgot to clean up the prints! Oops hope the paint doesn't stick too well!

So now for the exciting news, some prizesssssss.

Grand Prize 1: Winner's Choice of a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
Grand Prize 2: Winner's Choice of a $90 Amazon or Barnes&Noble Gift Card
to be entered for the grand prize, comment on as many blogs as you can in the Linky below!~
AND two people will win ecopies of REVEAL! (Just in time for the next book Capture to be released)
If you want to win you need to comment. Do you have a great leprechaun story? Tell me and I'll pick two winners!
Maybe you found his pot of gold (even if it was chocolate) or he gave you a shamrock shake that really shook you up? Tell me all about it!
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Tiffany Mahaffy said...

I don't have any amazing leprechaun stories (lots of great drinking ones lol). The best Leprechaun story is that my girlfriends son (8 like my daughter) has informed us that their dog is bouncy becaause he is part leprechaun. This is due to his birth on St. Patricks day last year :)

angelasstone said...

Aww! Adorable! Great story, kids have such fantastic imaginations!

Angela S Stone

Catherine Lee said...

I don't have any cute leprechan stories like yours. However, I think that drinking copious amounts of green beer has caused me (in my youth) to see leprechans...devilish little things that make you do things you wouldn't do had you NOT had that awful green beer!

Erin Go Bragh!

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Drea Becraft said...

That was a cute idea. I hope you can get the paint up though lol.

Happy St. Pattys Day!


Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! carrieannryanwrites(at)

*Sara* said...

No cute stories..wish i did though

Happy St. Patty's day!

Liana Brooks said...

I colored leprechaun in school once... does that count as a cute story? I was adorable holding that crayon!


Jean P said...

That was a cute idea, the kids must have been something to see, can imagine their faces.
Afraid I don't have any good stories.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

debbie said...

No great leprechaun stories, but my father used to find four leaf clovers all the time. I swear all he had to do was look down and there one would be.
Happy St. Patricks Day.

Sarah Kalaitzidis said...

Cute story I got no leprechaun stories T_T
Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

VanillaOrchids said...

I wish I had a fun story to tell, unfortunately I don't. Unless of course you count the time when the most awesome complete dome shaped rainbow appeared and I wondered if there was a pot of gold on each end. LOL
Thank you for this opportunity!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


miki said...

no stories sorry but Happy St Patrick's Day


Hillary said...

I don't have any stories, though I'd love to meet one :D

Thanks for the chance to win.


menina.iscrazy said...

Thanks for being on the blog hop! Sorry, I don't have any stories. :(

menina.iscrazy @

Na said...

No exciting leprechaun story though I've always wanted to chase rainbows to see if there really was a pot of gold. Have a great St. Patrick's Day.


Anne said...

Your story was very cute. That's what I love about little kids, how they believe in things. I have no cute or funny stories about the holiday. We didn't really celebrate in my family other than to have corned beef and cabbage.

Kym said...

Well a few years ago I was down on my luck..and I met this leprachaun. He gave me a group of wonderful friends, that have helped me recover from a car accident. I dont know what I would do without them, and they are MY pot of gold :)

Happy St Pattys Day ! ~ May you find gold at the end of your rainbow


Mary D said...

No cute leprechaun stories for me either. I think we all must be very boring St Patrick's Day people, so no little leprechaun will come visit us. Thanks for the giveaway!


Rhonda D said...

When I was in kindergarten, the teacher and teachers aid made "leprechaun footprints" with green chalk and we had to follow them to find the leprechaun. We had just missed him but he left us a big party with green koolaid and cookies. Thanks for the great giveaway!

~Ley said...

I don't have a leprechaun story, but maybe I'll get lucky and one will visit me this year! Thanks.


Liese2 said...

I don't have a good leprechaun story. I have, however had a nightmare about a leprechaun after watching the movie!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Carrie said...

Thanks so much!

celjla212 at aol dot com

bas1chs said...

I am so not creative that is why I rely on others to bring me the stories. Sorry I have no lephrechaun story to share.

But thanks for the giveaway and Happy St. Patrick's Day!
bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

Nikki said...

Awesome contest!! Ive never found a leprachaun but I would so make off with his gold...and him if he was sexy!!I hope you have a great Saint Patty's Day!!

~Enamored Soul~ said...


Unfortunately NO great leprechaun stories...and never even found a four-leafed clover *sadface* BUT...interestingly enough, I do have a funny story! :D My favorite St. Paddy's Day memory is from two years ago, when a bunch of us friends (boys & girls) went out to a pub in Pasadena, and met lots of random strangers...and then brought them back to a friend's place, where we were having a FEAST! One of the strangers we met, SO hammered on beer...he took one of those beer top down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!!! Funny thing is, I didn't even know his last name! lol :P Needless to say, that wedding never took place...but we're still in touch, and he's a sweet guy. Crazy good times...

Thank you for your generosity, and for participating in this blog hop! :)

Name: Hira Hasnain
Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com

latanya said...

I have no leprechaun stories to share.

dlatany at gmail dot com

desitheblonde said...

not yet but my sister is going to be 54 young tomorrow and i am going to go fair here in town and happy st pat day

desi t he blonde at msn dot com

Sue Sattler said...

No good leprechaun stories, in fact they scare me after my kids made me watch those movies about the evil leprechauns.


Maria pronounced Mariah said...

No good stories here. Wish I did.

mmafsmith at gmail dot com

wanda f said...

I marrid my leprechuan teehee ok so hes not a leprechaun for real but he is an irishman and we wed on st. patricks day 18 yrs ago and I feel very lucky

Mel B said...

I have a similar story when I taught at the elementary level. They loved it when we had visitors. Especially the cupcakes that were left for them.
bournmelissa AT hotmail DOT com

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for participating in this hop!

Gena Robertson

BookAttict said...

Sorry, no leprechaun stories here...

Happy St. Patrick's Day & thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com

Krysykat said...

I don't have any leprechaun stories but they are cuties.


Shadow said...

I dont have any good leprechaun stories. I did try looking for them when i was little. lol Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tina B said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I love that story. It's so cute! My niece, who I picked up from school today, told me that a leprechaun visited her classroom today and made a complete mess. She said that he just threw paper everywhere and stuff. Then they all helped pick it up and then were friends with him. She said it was a story to teach them. Then she told me that when she got home, she was going to find the one in her room and hide him from her parents. Lol. Six year olds are so funny. Thank you for the giveaway and HOP!
trb0917 at gmail dot com

donnas said...

I really dont have any cool stories. But I do wear green and like to hear others peoples great fun stories.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

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