Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reveal: One Month Update

I promised I would continue to update you all on how the sales and writing is going so here we are, one month after REVEAL was released.
During it's first month out to the public Reveal has sold over fifty copies.  Mostly from people I don't know, because my close family and friends who support me don't have ereaders.  According to other writers fifty copies in your first month is pretty darn good.  They say most writers sell about ten books their first month.  So if I go by that, I'm doing excellent.  However in the past week I've sold hardly any books, which is why I'm trying a new experiment... I intend on listing REVEAL for free, for one day.  I will only do this if I can get 75 likes on my facebook page, which I'm actually very close to since I started this little experiment by gaining almost thirty likes. (Look to your right, click the button, click the button...)
I have gained a few people on my subscription list as well, who would like to know about new releases, if you would, just hop on over to that tab!
CAPTURE is also going quite well with over 10k already done and a week ahead of me filled with writing time!  I hope to have it completely finished by the end of the month, a whole month ahead of my schedule. When finished it will probably be only slightly longer than REVEAL wish was exactly what I was looking for.
I've also picked the title for the next book in the series, ELEVATE.  Wait until you see why it's named that!  You're going to freak out! (I hope)  I'll give a you a little hint, get ready to meet some new cryptids... ooooo right?!?
Ta ta that's all for now!


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