Sunday, January 22, 2012

Post Free: For Writers

So after reading a TON of data I decided to make REVEAL free in order to help it's viability spot and hopefully gain more readers since it's a series. I have a small audience in YA SciFi Fantasy and I needed to get my book in front of more of them.
I initially had decided to go free only for one day, but after I enlisted the help of ENT I realized we had a problem because for some reason, the link was wrong. So Ignite, my free short story went ballistic for the second time this month with over 2k in downloads and I added a free day to REVEAL because ENT said they could promote REVEAL the following day.
ENT posted REVEAL on Friday and within a few hours I had over 2500 downloads and was solidly 200 free in the Kindle Store and 3 in YA SciFi Fantasy.  I ended the two day run with over 3300 downloads total.

Day 1 after promo ended: At first my rank went to some crazy number like 277,000 and then it dropped pretty quickly to 13,000. I had approx 25 sales yesterday at $2.99 making it my best day yet. I peaked at 3,894 and I was in the Top 100 YA SciFi Fantasy for most of the day.
Day 2: I've only sold 2 books today and I applied for a YA promotion to keep my spot in the top 5,000 in the kindle store.

This week I should have two ads running which I hope will continue my sales and solidify my spot in the Top 100.

Final thoughts, I think the going free trend works better in adult fiction, and not right before a weekend. My cover, blurb and reviews are all solid and so far every reader I've heard from has been more than pleased. Hopefully those 3k people who downloaded REVEAL will be hooked by the ending and read CAPTURE in March.

YA writers, similar results? Or am I way off target?


Dale Cusack said...

Thanks for sharing those numbers, I've only just put my books on Kindle. They have had similar success to you on Barnes and Noble though. It took a long time to get into the top 100 but once there I started selling more of my paid for series books. Can't wait until my first book gets updated to free on kindle. Im not using select. I dont want to wipe out all the positive reviews and burn my lovely nook and sony readers. Good Luck with your books!!

Brina Courtney said...

Thanks Dale!
I do miss my ibook and b&n readers, but they're keeping strong on Ignite and waiting patiently for Reveal, gotta love 'em!

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