Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cover Preview: Reveal

 Welp friends I told you that as soon as Ignite went free on Amazon I would have a 
super secret special surprise for you... 
so here it is, the cover of REVEAL!

Reveal will be available December 16th.
Blog tour will be listed soon!

You can find Ignite for free on Amazon here 


jstampe said...

So exciting! Congrats. :)

Do you have a goodreads page set up for it yet? I want to put it on my 'to read' shelf.

Brina Courtney said...

Thank you!
Setting one up tomorrow, I was waiting to release the cover!

KreagReads said...

Love the cover Brina! And the font is awesome!

Bookish Brunette said...

Looks awesome chick!!

Brina Courtney said...

Thanks! I love it!

Joshua said...

I love this cover. I especially love the details in the eyes. Did you make it?

Brina Courtney said...

Thank you! Actually my super powered cover artist is http://twitter.com/#!/smreine
She does amazing work!

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