Monday, October 17, 2011

Promises I made...

These are promises I made to myself while writing my first book.
1. There will never be a love triangle in my books.  Love as a teen is hard enough to find, but two guys (or girls) at once is practically impossible.  I went to high school not that long ago, I can't imagine flirting with more than one dude, it was exhausting just trying to reel one in.
2.  There will never be werewolves or vampires in my books.  I like Twilight, 'nuff said.
3.  Use language as I would say it, or how someone else would.  AKA don't throw YA language in there where is doesn't belong, it doesn't make you any cooler.
4.  Don't ever let my heroine be an airhead just because she's a high school girl.  Girls are smart.  Period.
5.  Let characters grow naturally.  I had one off themselves, never saw it coming.  Loved the way it worked out.

What are promises you made?


Janice said...

I love this post! I'm glad you like Twilight, too many people bash it, and that makes me sad.

Promises - no vamps, but I could be swayed.
No eye rolling - too much eye rolling in YA books lol. No pouting or unwarranted angst - if you're gonna be angsty have a good reason. No insta love, but insta lust is allowed.

Brina Courtney said...

Pouting is super annoying.
And also glad to meet another twi-hard.
I'm afraid I might have some insta-love in Reveal, but only because he's a crush that turns into more, and we've all had/wanted those right?

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