Friday, December 30, 2011


So I've decided to not make any resolutions for 2012, because I never do them. 
So instead this year I have ideas, or goals I would like to do. 
Here is my 2012 list.

1. Enjoy my one year anniversary of my marriage and every moment before and after spent with my husband.
2. 10000 downloads/sales of my books.
3. Publish four full length novels.
4. Make my first attempt at humor writing.
5. Lose 10 pounds (as per usual this time of year)
6. Spend time making others happy, specifically those two friends who are getting married!
7. Reach 1000 followers on twitter.
8. Have people follow my books and really love the characters inside them.
9. Read 25 novels.
10. Make a career change (towards writing more, being stressed less)
11. Love my puppies every day.
12. Spend time with family and friends.
13. Take one trip out of the country.
14. Laugh more, cry less.

Here's to a fabulous 2012! Cheers! -B

Friday, December 23, 2011

Reveal: One week update

So I've decided to keep you posted on how my indie published novel Reveal is doing, one week out, one month out... so on an so forth. I know a lot of you who read my blog are indies yourself and maybe waiting to take the publishing plunge once you see how it goes for someone else.

First point of advice, don't. Selling books is total luck.

Read what other people say, it's important, but press publish as soon as your work is the best it will ever be. 

In the first week since Reveal has gone live I've gotten eight reviews all four and five stars with one three star that was still a very positive review. I've been featured on twelve blogs, all highlighting excellent things about my book. I've probably had more than 75 RTs about the book. There's been three giveaways, one with more than 100 entries. And I have sold 12 books.

I started with the price at $2.99- what I intend to sell it for. I then dropped it to $.99 for the holidays. It will be available at this price through the new year. January 2nd the price will go back up. We'll see how this special promotion goes.

So far, I don't know that I've been particularly lucky. I wish I was luckier actually. I promised Santa on Kindle Boards that if I made it into the top 10,000 on Kindle I will find a reindeer and kiss it. That is a serious promise... (goes to find zoo lists), but one that I doubt will happen, I only have two days to make that happen.

In three weeks I will tell you where I'm at. By then my current WIP will be more than half done, perhaps totally done.

The best advice anyone can give you is... keep writing. The more books you have out there the better chance you have at getting noticed. Just make sure you love them as much as the first book you put out, just for different reasons. My goal is to put out four books next year. I'll let you know how that goes.

For now, I have my fingers and toes crossed.

Thanks for all your support!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Reveal Blog Tour: Yep, I wrote a book

You wrote a book?

So when I look at people and tell them what I do for a living, for the first time in my life on December 16th I can say, I'm an author.

I started writing books in the fourth grade, I won a big local award and I'm actually using one of the characters from that story in my book. I continued write, just not like before, school, sports and other activities got in the way.

And then college happened and I hardly had time to eat and sleep let alone write a book. Showering became a things of the past.  Again ideas were thrown around, but it didn't really happen.

Then I started working a full time job, and although I'm dedicated to my writing, I just can't do it like some other authors can. There isn't any 6am writing happening in this house. The only thing I'm doing at 6am is looking at the inside of my eyelids.

So I was teaching 2nd grade, loving it and then my school had to do massive layoffs. I lost my job and decided I needed to do something with my time.  What pray tell does a teacher do without work and a whole summer to stare at a screen with no jobs available on it?  Write a book and in my opinion a freaking good one at that.

My inspiration

I know I'm supposed to write some sort of long winded tale about how I've always wanted to become a geneticist, but if I did I'd be lying. I barely passed 8th grade biology (the only class I ever got detention from). So why genetic mutation? Why Cryptids?

Honestly? And you can't mock me! I was watching a Bones episode on the Chupacabra and said, "Hey what is that?" And so says Google, "a cryptid." So then I look at hubs and say, "I'm going to write a book on crytpids." And God bless him he says, "Good luck." And so began my journey to write Reveal and Ignite.

I really like to write

So much so that I'm trying to make my job flexible so that I can write more. I have plans to put four more books out in 2012, not all centering around Shay and her cryptid background.  So friends, just wait and see, there's a lot more in store for you.

Get ready for the blog tour starting NOW! Tomorrow visit
for my guest post on Indie Writing and a review of Reveal!
 Also there will be a super giveaway!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Words: It's almost done, I'm scared

What's my WIP?
Putting the finishing touches on Reveal

My first novel, is almost finished and to be honest, I couldn't be happier. It's the best writing I could have done, I think I cover the subject well, while still remaining true to my story line.
So right now I am sitting in my pajamas putting the finishing touches on my ARCs which go out to my amazing bloggers and betas in just a few days. I am also freaking out. I mean totally losing my mind. I'm so nervous that you all are going to hate my book. Or maybe not hate, but at least you might not like it. And if you don't what is going to happen to me and my writing?
I don't know if everyone has these posts, or if most authors don't share their fears with you, the readers, but here it is. I'm giving you a pure glimpse into my soul here, I'm scared and I'm not afraid to say it. So what now? What do I do to get over my fear of rejection?
As my mom would say, "Buck up!" That's all I can do. I'm proud of my work and even if you despise it, you have to give me props for trying. Also, I keep writing to get better at it. My next book is in a totally different genre and I love where it's going just as much as Cryptid Tales. I work towards being a better author every day. And I love it, I absolutely love being an author and it's all I want to do for the rest of my life.
So it's time to get over my fear and start selling books.
Wish me luck,

Friday, November 25, 2011

Reveal Blog Tour

Announcing the 
Official Reveal Blog Tour!

December 9th - 23rd 2011

Reveal (ebook) will be available on Amazon, Smashwords, 
and Barnes and Noble
on December 16th, 2011

12/09/2011 Right here at my blog for the kickoff!
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12/11/2011 Word Spelunking Review
12/12/2011 Jessica Stampe Guest Post on Ghosts
12/13/2011 Ren's Rambles Interview
12/14/2011 Karen Delabar Interview
12/15/2011 Chocolate Chunky Munkie Interview
 Following The Reader Review
12/17/2011 Word Spelunking Interview
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12/19/2011 I'm A Book Shark Interview
12/20/2011 Kate's Reads Review
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12/22/2011 That's What She Said Books Review
12/23/2011 Back here to end it! (Giveaway)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wednesday Words

What's my WIP? Cassie Claire's Cult Life

Every time I hear the advice "write every day" I cringe. I will not tell a lie, I don't write every day. Some weeks I don't even write. That doesn't make me a bad writer, it just makes me look lazy. Note how I said look, it doesn't mean I am lazy. It means that when I'm sick or cranky I refuse to write a bunch of crap that I will just delete tomorrow. I am an extremely emotional writer. Especially in Reveal, I couldn't keep my comments out of the book. But now that I'm writing about Cassie, a much nicer do goodie type personality I have to keep my thoughts to myself. So when I can't get my bad day of work out of my head, I can't write about her.
My advice, write when you're into the project you're working on. Writing every day doesn't make you a great writer, it just makes you a busy one.
If you're having a terrible writing day, by the way, focus on your marketing instead. I said don't write every day, I didn't say sit around and do a whole lot of nothing. Post tweets, update your blog or facebook some new friends. Then the next day, get back to the writing, you may be surprised how much more you get done!
Good luck!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Words

What's my WIP?
Cassie Claire's Cult Life

Today's writing tips stemmed from a tweet.
I always think that since I've started writing daily, as good as it is for my writing, it's just as bad for my waistline. So here's some tips as we head into the holiday season on maintaining your weight, instead of gaining weight. I intend on following my own advice as well, I'll let you know if it gets me to my goal.
1. Sit on an excersize ball as you type. Eventually you'll get good enough to bounce as well. It's great for your balance, abs, and legs.
2. Take your characters for a walk. Every day take a ten minute walk, and if you don't mind looking totally insane, talk to yourself. Just whisper a conversation between your characters and it'll get your creative juices flowing for when you get back.
3. Don't eat while you write. Take breaks when you're hungry and grab a healthy snack. If you eat while you type you'll find yourself with an empty bag of potato chips and greasy keys.
4. Try to drink more water. This is the season for a lot of other drinks, most with tons of calories. Try to stick with your normal amount of coffee, even though you're extra tired from visiting the in laws, and supplement with water as much as possible.
5. Remember a minute on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.
Best of luck!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cover Preview: Reveal

 Welp friends I told you that as soon as Ignite went free on Amazon I would have a 
super secret special surprise for you... 
so here it is, the cover of REVEAL!

Reveal will be available December 16th.
Blog tour will be listed soon!

You can find Ignite for free on Amazon here 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

A mysterious island.

An abandoned orphanage.

A strange collection of very curious photographs.

It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. As our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a deserted island for good reason. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they may still be alive.

Loved it!
I absolutely adore this book. The pictures were what really set it off. They made the fantastical elements seem possible and realistic. The story was believable and it's descriptions painted the perfect picture in my mind. I could see everything just as he was writing it. I couldn't put it down! I finished it in only a day but really wished it would last longer. The end is full of adventure and surprises. I really hope there's a movie for this one and a second book. I would just die without it. I have reccommeneded this book to others and they share my love for the art and story. I do not think you should ebook this one, my only wish with it was that I had read the hardcover.
P.S. I really enjoy this author, because through the whole process via his blog I can see he stayed true to himself. Kudos to you Ransom. 
You can buy it here

Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Pyxis by KC Neal

Two worlds... one 16-year-old girl must learn to protect them both.

The nightmares haunting Corinne and her friend Mason hint at a universe that exists beyond the one they know. Her destiny is to protect a weakness between the two worlds, but her mentor is dead. As Corinne and Mason search for answers, she tries to ignore the sparks igniting between them, but can't deny she feels safe only when he's nearby. Will they find help before their nightmares break free? 

Loved it!
KC Neal's Pyxis is different than what I expected.  I was looking for just another paranormal novel, but no, she starts off on a whole different journey.  One I wasn't expecting but definitely enjoyed!  First off, she uses teen language properly. And we all know what a big deal that is to me.  Corrine acted like a teen and her friends matched her personality well.
This is a mystery just as much as it is paranormal.  The plot is extremely well-developed, her details well contrived.   KC proves to us she deserves our attention and that this series will be one to watch.   You can tell how much time she has invested into these characters.  Her descriptions are well put and make the story clear and understandable.  She really sets the stage for the series with this novel.  This is a cliffhanger, get ready to be pounding on KC's door for book two, I know I will be!
You can buy it here

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thoughts On Thursdays

Thoughts On Thursdays will outline what is coming up on the blog!  
Remember to stop by on Thursdays to get all the latest info!
I'm still filling in reviews, author interviews and guest posts for the end of this year and beginning of next.  
If you're an indie author e-mail me at

KC Neal's Pyxis Review Follow KC here
Cover Preview for my very own book, Reveal!

Michelle Muto's The Book of Lost Souls Review Follow Michelle here
Reveal comes out December 16th! Squeeeee!

Cyndi Tefft's Between Review Follow Cyndi here

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan

Jenny's touch spreads a deadly supernatural plague. She can't control her power, so she devotes her life to avoiding contact with other people in her small Southern town. Her senior year of high school, she meets the one boy she can touch...but if she's going to be with him, Jenny must learn to use the "Jenny pox" inside her to survive his devious, manipulative girlfriend, who secretly wields the most dangerous power of all.

Not recommended for readers under eighteen. (Totally agree!)

Liked it:
J.L. Bryan has excellent descriptions.  Very detailed and thorough, I could always see the picture he was building.  He sets the stage which aides you in falling in love with his characters who deserve your attention and hate the villains.  And boy did I hate her (them)!
Don't be fooled by the high school drama, this book really shows how adult life can be as well, in a paranormal way.  It fuses politics and power with a new look on paranormal abilities.
There is definitely some adult content in this book and graphic descriptions.  It is not a short read either.  Expect to spend some time with it, it's worth it though.  I'll be reading more in this series because I'm a sucker for the truth and this ending set my teeth on edge.
You can get it here for free

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: Becoming by Raine Thomas

Becoming by Raine Thomas
Every three years, Amber Hopkins explodes. Okay, not a blown-to-smithereens explosion, but whatever it is always hurts like hell and leaves her life a shambles. She’s already worked her way through five foster placements, and she’s doing whatever she can to avoid getting blasted into a sixth.

As her eighteenth birthday approaches and she feels the strange and powerful energy building, disaster looms. When the inevitable explosion occurs, her life gets its biggest shakeup yet. She’ll not only learn how her fellow foster and best friend, Gabriel, really feels about her, but she’ll discover that she isn’t really without family.

To top it all off, she’ll finally find out why she’s having the power surges: she isn’t entirely human.

Amber must Become, transitioning to another plane of existence and risking the loss of the most important relationship she’s ever had. Her choice will impact the future of an entire race of beings, and will pit her against an enemy that will prey upon her doubt to try and take her very life.

Kind of makes the explosions now seem like a cakewalk.

Loved it!  This story has everything you're looking for in a YA Fantasy Novel.  The action, adventure and love story are all fully developed.
Raine's way of creating the Estilorian plane was immaculate.  Her details constantly overlapping so that there were no holes in this story.  Her characters are real, they have flaws, and they used language from their age group.  The love story in this book between Amber (awesomely strong woman power) and Gabriel (loving and super hot, I had a crush on this guy!) is realistic and believable.  I have since read Central and Foretold, both worth picking up immediately!  The plot twists in unexpected ways, and it makes it hard to put down.  Warning have a weekend free, you're going to want to read them all.
Read this book, you won't be sorry.
Buy it here

Monday, October 17, 2011

Promises I made...

These are promises I made to myself while writing my first book.
1. There will never be a love triangle in my books.  Love as a teen is hard enough to find, but two guys (or girls) at once is practically impossible.  I went to high school not that long ago, I can't imagine flirting with more than one dude, it was exhausting just trying to reel one in.
2.  There will never be werewolves or vampires in my books.  I like Twilight, 'nuff said.
3.  Use language as I would say it, or how someone else would.  AKA don't throw YA language in there where is doesn't belong, it doesn't make you any cooler.
4.  Don't ever let my heroine be an airhead just because she's a high school girl.  Girls are smart.  Period.
5.  Let characters grow naturally.  I had one off themselves, never saw it coming.  Loved the way it worked out.

What are promises you made?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I know you have all been waiting an incredibly long time... so here it is the cover for Ignite!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let's get creepy...

So you're probably thinking this is a post about me being a creeper, you are wrong.  Although I tend to twitter stalk some of my favorite authors I am not an official creeper, that title is reserved for those who stalk in real life.  I am far from that.
Instead this post is about how I am considering, just thinking about, a mere speck on my frontal lobe, writing a cult series once Cryptid Tales is done.
No this doesn't mean you need to join a cult to read the book, though if you wanted to start a cult about the book, keep me in the loop, I have always wanted to be a queen.  Anyway I have always been obsessed (it's only slightly unhealthy, I would never kill anyone, though I could tell you how) with cults and serial killers.  So I'm considering developing a story line revolving around a member of a newly formed cult that is headed up by a serial killer.
What do you think? Would you like me to give you nightmares?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hola amigos!
Welcome to my ramblings and the garbled information that falls out of my mind called my blog.  Here you will find updates regarding my upcoming series Cryptid Tales available on Amazon starting at the end October! Get excited, and by that I mean seat dancing excited. Are you seat dancing? Dynomite is playing is my head and you can bet I am seat dancing...
ta ta for now